JK/JKU 2.5" Lift Progressive Bump Stop Kit (Front & Rear)

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These innovative TeraFlex SpeedBump Bump Stops meet the demand of high-performance driving. Composite construction combined with a progressive nature reduces suspension compression impacts and harshness when bottoming out whether driving off-road or on poorly maintained highways. Reducing this impact increases driver ability to maintain vehicle control as well as reduces the risk of bending an axle housing tube.

Front & Rear SpeedBump Bump Stops feature a performance-tuned closed-cell nitrogen charged microcellular polyurethane technology that will not fade or dissipate under extended heavy use to maintain its progressive nature. This material is unaffected by temperature extremes and retains its flexibility under thermal or sub-zero temperatures.

These bump stops feature a simple bolt-on installation simply requires removal of the factory bump stop bell with no welding required. Additionally, these maintenance-free SpeedBump Bump Stops don't require any adjustment or tuning.


• JK Wrangler (2-door)
• JKU Wrangler Unlimited (4-door)


• MAX TIRE DIAMETER: 35" w/ 2.5" lift kit


• Front SpeedBump Bump Stops - pair
• Front lower bump stop strike pads - pair
• Rear SpeedBump Bump Stops - pair
• Rear outer bump stop retainer cups - pair
• Rear lower bump stop strike pads - pair
• All necessary hardware


• JK/JKU specific tuned for high-speed performance
• Absorbs large impact energy progressively during compression to prevent bent axle tubes

• Maintenance-free, all composite construction
• Resistant to all types of environmental conditions (mud, salt, sand, dust, etc.)
• Subzero temperature flexibility reduces fatigue

• Compatible w/ all suspension systems that retain factory axle spring mounting locations
• Simple installation - no welding required

• Patented technology
• Limited lifetime warranty

INSTALL TIME: 5 Hours (all 4)